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Happy Tired

I've been spending more time on facebook than on here because I have more real-life friends on there. This is a good place to record details about my life, but I don't really feel like I'm sharing it with anybody. Anyway, just want to express my thoughts today...

I'm all moved out of my house. Moving is a bigger job than I remember! Our new house won't be ready until April, but it still feels good to be out. It feels one step closer to our new house/life!

I have so much to be excied about right now! Of course, the house and living with David, but even besides that. Let's see... first of all, there's the trips. I said I wanted to travel more this year, and I'm doing it. David may be taking a trip to Vegas for the World Series of Poker in a couple months. Although I will miss him, it would be fun to fly up there and meet him for a weekend or something. Then when school lets out, we're taking the kids to Universal Orlando for the opening of the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Jenny may be coming with us. In July, we have a family reunion for David in Arkansas. Sometime during American Idol auditions, Cindy & I are going with Jenny to try out. Then in September, we're taking a 7-day cruise to the Bahamas with Cindy & Neil and Stephen & Tara. So much for my no passports rule! We're going swimming with the dolphins in Nassau. The dolphins push us on boogie boards! And we'll have these little handheld underwater scooters. (Squeal!) We're going deep sea diving in Freeport. And finally, we're going parasailing in Key West.

Then there's the parties. The first will be Sydney's birthday slumber party. David's getting out of dodge on a poker trip to Mississippi & Jenny's spending the night to help me. Then there's Jenny's housewarming party, which is put off till after I move because all the stuff for it is stored away somewhere. David & I will have our own parties soon after we move in: one for family & one for friends. That's all that is in the works for now, but I'm sure there will be MANY more.

Then there's the classes - not school classes, fun classes. Cindy & I have to take a dive class together and Shannon & I want to take a cooking class together.

I'm so tired, but I just can't help but lay there with a smile on my face thinking how soon when I'm that tired & achy, how nice it will be to soak in my jacuzzi tub with a glass of wine. David looks awesome in a jacuzzi, too!
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Beautiful day

Today is a wonderful day! We got approved for our house! It's so beautiful! We're so excited!

My new glasses came in.

I think I'm kicking my math final's ass.

Too tired to post more. So glad it's Friday!
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Home Sweet Home To-Be

The days continue to be challenging (I'm still sick & work and school have been draining); however, I am trying to stay cheerful. I am feeling better everyday since yesterday. I'm looking forward to my birthday weekend! But first and foremost, we have narrowed the house we want down to two. We have appointments to look at these two tomorrow:

They both have a bonus room over the garage, which will be the home theatre/poker room. They both have a fireplace. Aesthetically, I prefer the outside of the first one, but the inside of the second. It's all going to hinge on the master suite. I know the second one has a jacuzzi tub, separate walk-in shower and giant walk-in closet. If the first one does, they don't mention it (and I would think they would mention it, since those are pretty good selling points.) I'm sure we will be super happy in either!

Okay, that's it for my time out. Now I have to catch up & get ahead on school work and deal with more viewer complaint calls.
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They let us off of work early. Yay for impending inclement weather! I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow, too for several reasons. I had already put in for it a long time ago due to since canceled plans; I am sick anyway; and most importantly, I NEED TO FIND A HOUSE! Maybe I won't have to cancel the garage sale after all. I still want to skip the parade. It's going to be COLD!

David & I have decided on our summer trip. We're going to his family reunion in Little Rock, Arkansas. It fits the criteria of no airfare and no passports; and we LOVE Arkansas - well, at least, the Eureka Springs part of it!

David's here to pick me up. More later!
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Black & Glittery Gold

I've been sick. Ugh. At least, mentally I feel good. I'm so excited about a lot of things, mainly moving in with David. This month has been and will continue to be busy (with good stuff), so that we haven't had much time to look for a house. I'm going to cancel the yard sale this weekend to focus solely on that. I want to skip the Spanish Town parade, too. I hope David & the kids are up for that. I'll bet so.

We're keeping it low key for Valentine's Day this year. Frankie will probably have a date. I'll have Sydney. And we've got plenty taxing our money these days (more good stuff). We're going to go see that Valentine's Day movie and then David is going to grill us some of his best steaks in the world. Honestly, that man can grill a steak! I created a Valentine's card I'm very proud of. I'm so thrilled with what I am learning in my image editing class! I'll share it after he has seen it.

Last weekend was pretty fun! We watched the Superbowl at Allen's brother's restaurant. We had the best seat in the house. Note to self: Free shots = evil! Here are some pics from it. Here I am hangin' wit ma boyz (I'm so gangsta!).

Time out for a little PDA. (Check out my black & gold eyeshadow.)

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Saints & Sinners

We're all wearing Saints gear today. I made jewelry for the occasion. Well, really - I made it for the playoff game a couple weeks ago and now I'm busting it out again. It's not like it's just for Saints, either. I can wear it with anything. Same goes for my fleur de lis T-shirt.

See how white I am. That's my real color. I'm going to start tanning again when it warms up, but only fake tannig. That little skin cancer scare did a number on me. I'd rather be blotchy than dead. (You can actually see the little sore where the doc cut me in this pic.)

This is the entrance to my favorite restaurant at the Imperial Palace Casino Resort.

The food is to die for! Well, maybe not die, but definitely worth twisting an ankle or something. Look closely at the logo to the right of me. That is projected onto a sheet of mist you walk through to get inside. It was SO COOL!

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Look, Ma!

I made this for my Photoshop class today. We had to make a brochure or collage using certain elements. I hope my professor doesn't show up to my birthday party now. :)
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Something else good about this month: House hunting! We're moving in three weeks! It will be life-changing. No more having my stuff scattered. I'll always be home and I'll always be with David. That sounds heavenly! And that is Step 1 of making my life closer to the one in my head - well, really Step 2, because I've already started traveling a little (my weekend trip to Mississippi). By the way, it was awesome! A much needed escape. I feel much fresher and happier. And we will definitely be returning - probably David more than me because he's the poker fanatic. (I may send him there when I have Sydney's birthday sleepover). Back to the new house: It will be so much nicer and newer. We will be proud to have people over, leading to fulfilment of Step 3: I can have all those fabulous parties that are in my head. :) We can have Lost parties, American Idol parties, Rock Band parties, Dance Dance Revolution parties, and of course, dinner parties, birthday parties and holiday parties!

With moving at a close distance, it's definitely time to have that yard sale I've been meaning to have! I think I will do that weekend after next - which will be Valentine's weekend. I think I'm going to get David a new top for his Corvette. Romantic, huh? He wants rims, but uh.... no.

I made reservations for our Haunted History Ghost tour for my birthday. Fun, fun, fun! And guess what? My ghost hunting starter kit got lost in the mail, so they sent me another. Then the first one arrived yesterday! The case is a little banged up, but all the equipment is fine. So now I have TWO kits. Now I DEFINITELY have to start a paranormal investigations group! After I move. Too busy now.

I need to buy some little things that will greatly enhance my life. I want new luggage before my birthday trip. My pull-out handle broke on my suitcase so I can't wheel it, which is a huge pain. I also need a stylish backpack for my rollerblades. Right now, I'm using Frankie's old booksack and it's SO not me. I need glasses to alternate with my contacts sometimes. I also want to get some Skecher Shape-Up mary janes before family vacation. They're the shoes that work your butt when you walk. Don't know if it's all gimmick, but what do I have to lose? Except some of this ass. And since I already found the perfect little rain boots & matching umbrella, that will pretty much do me.

I know what we're doing for our girls trip: Jenny is going to try out for American Idol next season and Cindy and I are going to go with her. It will be so fun! Maybe they'll let us go meet the judges with her! I could totally see Jenny winning American Idol. She's such an awesome person and so talented! I am so lucky to have her for a friend.

By the way, I don't have skin cancer! BIG RELIEF! Now I can really enjoy all the good in my life!
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Chin Up

Things are looking up today. I'm getting my car out of the shop today tomorrow. My brother is giving me my old car back!!! We leave for Biloxi tomorrow. I made my appointment for my deep tissue massage & dinner reservations for this weekend. I get my W-2 tomorrow, so I can file my taxes. Hey, maybe David & I will win at the casino! One thing's for sure: We will have fun!

I'm going to see if I can get the results of my biopsy before I leave. I have already prepared myself for the worst. I don't think it will ruin my weekend. I think not knowing is worse. That's just me. And that's the attitude that will save my life. Denial sure won't.

I helped Jenny lay out her furniture with a tape measurerer and masking tape. It was fun! Her house is going to be so beautiful and sophistocated! I will post some pictures later. Trying to finish up some schoolwork now.
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I'm not in the best spirits today. The good news is my car is being fixed. The bad news is it's going to cost me $800. That's double what I had expected.

I'm consumed with the probability that I have melanoma. I know that the survival rate is 90-95% when caught early. But it still just really scares me. Life is so volatile. Why do our bodies start turning on themselves sometimes? Just something else I have stacked against me in life....

I need to take nature photos. I need to be reminded of the beauty in the world.
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