Lana (rosy) wrote,

Chin Up

Things are looking up today. I'm getting my car out of the shop today tomorrow. My brother is giving me my old car back!!! We leave for Biloxi tomorrow. I made my appointment for my deep tissue massage & dinner reservations for this weekend. I get my W-2 tomorrow, so I can file my taxes. Hey, maybe David & I will win at the casino! One thing's for sure: We will have fun!

I'm going to see if I can get the results of my biopsy before I leave. I have already prepared myself for the worst. I don't think it will ruin my weekend. I think not knowing is worse. That's just me. And that's the attitude that will save my life. Denial sure won't.

I helped Jenny lay out her furniture with a tape measurerer and masking tape. It was fun! Her house is going to be so beautiful and sophistocated! I will post some pictures later. Trying to finish up some schoolwork now.
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