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Something else good about this month: House hunting! We're moving in three weeks! It will be life-changing. No more having my stuff scattered. I'll always be home and I'll always be with David. That sounds heavenly! And that is Step 1 of making my life closer to the one in my head - well, really Step 2, because I've already started traveling a little (my weekend trip to Mississippi). By the way, it was awesome! A much needed escape. I feel much fresher and happier. And we will definitely be returning - probably David more than me because he's the poker fanatic. (I may send him there when I have Sydney's birthday sleepover). Back to the new house: It will be so much nicer and newer. We will be proud to have people over, leading to fulfilment of Step 3: I can have all those fabulous parties that are in my head. :) We can have Lost parties, American Idol parties, Rock Band parties, Dance Dance Revolution parties, and of course, dinner parties, birthday parties and holiday parties!

With moving at a close distance, it's definitely time to have that yard sale I've been meaning to have! I think I will do that weekend after next - which will be Valentine's weekend. I think I'm going to get David a new top for his Corvette. Romantic, huh? He wants rims, but uh.... no.

I made reservations for our Haunted History Ghost tour for my birthday. Fun, fun, fun! And guess what? My ghost hunting starter kit got lost in the mail, so they sent me another. Then the first one arrived yesterday! The case is a little banged up, but all the equipment is fine. So now I have TWO kits. Now I DEFINITELY have to start a paranormal investigations group! After I move. Too busy now.

I need to buy some little things that will greatly enhance my life. I want new luggage before my birthday trip. My pull-out handle broke on my suitcase so I can't wheel it, which is a huge pain. I also need a stylish backpack for my rollerblades. Right now, I'm using Frankie's old booksack and it's SO not me. I need glasses to alternate with my contacts sometimes. I also want to get some Skecher Shape-Up mary janes before family vacation. They're the shoes that work your butt when you walk. Don't know if it's all gimmick, but what do I have to lose? Except some of this ass. And since I already found the perfect little rain boots & matching umbrella, that will pretty much do me.

I know what we're doing for our girls trip: Jenny is going to try out for American Idol next season and Cindy and I are going to go with her. It will be so fun! Maybe they'll let us go meet the judges with her! I could totally see Jenny winning American Idol. She's such an awesome person and so talented! I am so lucky to have her for a friend.

By the way, I don't have skin cancer! BIG RELIEF! Now I can really enjoy all the good in my life!
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