Lana (rosy) wrote,

Saints & Sinners

We're all wearing Saints gear today. I made jewelry for the occasion. Well, really - I made it for the playoff game a couple weeks ago and now I'm busting it out again. It's not like it's just for Saints, either. I can wear it with anything. Same goes for my fleur de lis T-shirt.

See how white I am. That's my real color. I'm going to start tanning again when it warms up, but only fake tannig. That little skin cancer scare did a number on me. I'd rather be blotchy than dead. (You can actually see the little sore where the doc cut me in this pic.)

This is the entrance to my favorite restaurant at the Imperial Palace Casino Resort.

The food is to die for! Well, maybe not die, but definitely worth twisting an ankle or something. Look closely at the logo to the right of me. That is projected onto a sheet of mist you walk through to get inside. It was SO COOL!

And lastly,

This is Jenny with tools in hand: wine (She had no wine glasses there at the time) & note pad.

We sat on the pretend furniture. I hope the real stuff's more comfy!

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