Lana (rosy) wrote,

Black & Glittery Gold

I've been sick. Ugh. At least, mentally I feel good. I'm so excited about a lot of things, mainly moving in with David. This month has been and will continue to be busy (with good stuff), so that we haven't had much time to look for a house. I'm going to cancel the yard sale this weekend to focus solely on that. I want to skip the Spanish Town parade, too. I hope David & the kids are up for that. I'll bet so.

We're keeping it low key for Valentine's Day this year. Frankie will probably have a date. I'll have Sydney. And we've got plenty taxing our money these days (more good stuff). We're going to go see that Valentine's Day movie and then David is going to grill us some of his best steaks in the world. Honestly, that man can grill a steak! I created a Valentine's card I'm very proud of. I'm so thrilled with what I am learning in my image editing class! I'll share it after he has seen it.

Last weekend was pretty fun! We watched the Superbowl at Allen's brother's restaurant. We had the best seat in the house. Note to self: Free shots = evil! Here are some pics from it. Here I am hangin' wit ma boyz (I'm so gangsta!).

Time out for a little PDA. (Check out my black & gold eyeshadow.)

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