Lana (rosy) wrote,

Home Sweet Home To-Be

The days continue to be challenging (I'm still sick & work and school have been draining); however, I am trying to stay cheerful. I am feeling better everyday since yesterday. I'm looking forward to my birthday weekend! But first and foremost, we have narrowed the house we want down to two. We have appointments to look at these two tomorrow:

They both have a bonus room over the garage, which will be the home theatre/poker room. They both have a fireplace. Aesthetically, I prefer the outside of the first one, but the inside of the second. It's all going to hinge on the master suite. I know the second one has a jacuzzi tub, separate walk-in shower and giant walk-in closet. If the first one does, they don't mention it (and I would think they would mention it, since those are pretty good selling points.) I'm sure we will be super happy in either!

Okay, that's it for my time out. Now I have to catch up & get ahead on school work and deal with more viewer complaint calls.
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