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Just dropped $314 at the dermatologist's. Guess that's a fair price to save my life. In a week, I find out if this thing on my arm is actually trying to kill me. If so, then it'll be more money. Oh well, between this, my eye doctor Saturday, and three months times three prescriptions, I should just about have my deductible met.

Too bad I don't have health insurance for my car. It seems after you take someone's family in when they hit hard times, that still doesn't qualify you to have them fix your car. Even though you had a perfectly good car and GAVE it to them because they needed it. Some people are just takers....

I made this AWESOME necklace inspired by my support for the Saints, but it broke this morning. :( That's why I can't sell them. I'm great at design, just not construction. Gotta restring it.

Ahhh... short week! We're leaving for Biloxi Friday. CAN'T WAIT! (Let's hope my car's out of the shop by then.)

Never got to play with my ghost hunter tools yet. Been too dang busy. I gotta go do homework and figure out my sad checkbook.
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Looking forward

I made a new resolution today. I'm going to make more of an effort to keep my house clean, so I won't have so much housework to do come the weekend. The weekdays are consumed by work & I just don't need anything consuming my weekends, too - especially if I want to do all these side projects. It's hard, especially now with my mom there, because there's no room to keep dirty clothes in the laundry room or even clean clothes there until I'm ready to put them up. So they become scattered on my bedroom floor, which is just chaos! We're all so tired of the situation, but I didn't come here to complain.

Speaking of my mom, she had a date yesterday & she's got another one with the same guy. Go, Mom! It's already helped with her loneliness and depression. I sure hope it improves her negativity. It's so weighing and so hard to combat.

My ghost hunter kit came in today!!! I'll be playing with that all day, learning how to use the equipment in between doing school work.

In other news, my herbs are sprouting! Guess I did well by getting the kit with the self-watering feature.

So I'm looking at my vacation plans and (barring any unforseen non-fun reason to take a vaca day), I should have a few days I'll have to use or lose by mid-July. That's after this Biloxi trip, the family trip to Universal and my girls trip. So I was thinking it would be fun for David & I to take a little road trip this summer - something not too expensive that doesn't require air fare or passports. I would like to hit Tupelo (birthplace of Elvis), Nashville & Kentucky. (This is all subject to actually speaking to David about it.)

It's fun having things to look forward to, but I need to come back down to earth now & do this math! :/
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Weekend Trip

I'm going to start my traveling early this year. It's not far, but it will feel like it's a million miles away. We're going to Biloxi weekend after next for the weekend. Staying at the IP Casino Resort & Spa. I plan to use every word in that title (casino/resort/spa). David can play poker while I have a spa day. Then we can pig out at their Brazilian pighouse steakhouse. We can catch a show (Comedian John Pinette will be there), hang out in one of the clubs, relax in the jacuzzi.... I can't WAIT!
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Move it, clouds!

I'm coming out of my funk. The weather is funky, but I don't mind. I saw my love last night, and it had a healing effect on my spirit. Physically, I'm healing, as well. Everyday my finger is much better than the one before. And it gives me confidence that if this is skin cancer on my arm, I will beat it. Of course, catching it early is the best defense; but I'm afraid of something I won't catch - like something I can't see or just don't recognize as the c word. In actuality, I'm probably way too paranoid to miss something. :)

Another resolution of mine is to be more charitable: to give back to my community. Not only will it help my fellow man, but it will help me appreciate my own little life. It will also be a good example for my children. I will get them involved, as well, in the hopes that it will deepen their own appreciation for what they have, broaden their perspectives of the world and their places in it, and just make them feel good. We've chosesn our causes. Sydney will start recycling for our family. Frankie will volunteer at an animal shelter in the summer (too busy with soccer right now!). And I would like to work in a soup kitchen. I want to see the face of the homeless, look in their eyes, talk to them.

Eh, Fed Ex is pulling up & I gotta catch up on some school work. Latah!
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Ugh! My laptop won't pick up the WEAK wireless signal and my Photoshop desktop for school keeps locking up my work computer. BIG time waster! So frustrating. Might as well wait & do it at home.

Good news is the eye doctor approved giving me a set of trials to last till my appointment. I also managed to get an early dermatologist appointment so I may not have to miss work. Perkins Rowe wasn't as busy today when I roller bladed (I guess since it's not a holiday), so that was nice. I have visions of busting my ass and falling into the path of an oncoming car. And you wonder why I need anxiety medicine?
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Challenges & Cheeriness

The days have been trying as of late. Just made an appointment at the dermatologist's. I have something questionable on my arm. I'm so afraid of dying the horrible death my dad did. I'm so afraid I'm going to miss something small and deadly. I'm not really afraid of death. I just don't want to suffer. And I definitely haven't gotten enough out of life yet. I guess when life has gotten enough out of me, it will be my time. If it even works that way. Who knows?

I had a traumatic experience Sunday. While using my new slicer to make hashbrowns, I accidentally tried to include some finger. It took a good chunk out. I couldn't find it. I would imagine it was shredded along with the potatoes. I know that's gross. Sorry. There was a lot of blood. I'm sure my daily aspirin regimen didn't help with that. I almost passed out. It was even hard for me to walk back in the kitchen afterwards. It was still so painful yesterday. Today, it seems much better, so yay!

My eyes are bothering me, and I'm out of contacts. I went to order more, only to discover my prescription has expired. (sigh) Getting my doctor visits in early this year. I'll have that whopping deductible paid soon. I also need a teeth cleaning, a mammogram, and a yearly check-in with my blood pressure doc. Man, sounds like I'm old. Oh yeah, guess I am. Don't feel like it. I don't think I look too old. But Father Time is definitely keeping track.

Do I have anything positive to say? I'm close to done with stuff for Jenny's party, and I'm so proud of how it's coming out. I think she's going to be very impressed and touched that I went through so much trouble. I'm always planning parties in my head. It's nice to actually be able to DO it for a change. My life is much better in my head than in real life. My goal this year is to make mine closer to the life I have in my head. No more settling for less than I want.

Oh, here's something I'm excited about: I started my herb garden Sunday; and I can already see little, miniscule pieces of stem peeking out of the soil! Watching life emerge is amazing!

And the weather has been nice for roller blading. For that, I am thankful! A half an hour burns 222 calories. You know what else is 222? My birthday! Not that I'm thrilled to be older, but having fun plans with great people makes it exciting. I really don't have a problem with getting older, either. I just want to be happy.
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I'm Crafty!

Trying to keep myself busy doing things that bring me joy. Last night, I made wine charms for Jenny's party.

And made these votives:

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My Photoshop class is SO fun, I feel guilty, like I should be doing "work." It's going to change the way I take pictures now, too, since I'm not so reliant on that flash anymore. I need to remember to take my camera when I take Milly walking so I can get some cool nature photos. Even the frost on the ground is pretty. I want to do some 3-D effects but my video card SUCKS. I need a Mac so bad! I hope the one on my work computer is sufficient for what I want to do. I want to do this "out-of-bounds" effect so that it looks like the subject is coming out of the photo. I want to use an action shot of Milly (after I get her hair did) or of Frankie playing soccer. Fish swimming out of the frame looks cool, too. Trip to the Aquarium for my birthday maybe?

Speaking of my birthday, my ghost hunting starter kit was shipped yesterday. How exciting!

Something else exciting: I'm going with Jenny tonight to do the final walk-through on her condo! I am keeping the details of her party a surprise, but I will be able to see where I'm going to set things up. I also want to take photos of things of interest in and around it that I may use to make a gift for her.

And something else exciting: my new caterprillar contact case! Ahhh....it's the little things....